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Water is Our Main Concern

Epur’H2o, offers for more than 12 years the services of a competent team of engineers with extensive experience in the comprehensive design, construction , commissioning, operation and maintenance of water treatment plants. Throughout the years, Epur’H2o has gained long expertise and experience in water purification utilizing principally as core of our designs membrane separation technologies, and sewage Treatment Plants provide very wide ranges, Capacities and Technologies for their applications requiring aerobic, anaerobic or anoxic treatment processes for BOD, SS, Nitrogen and Phosphorous removal.


Epur’H2o, treated Sea ,Brackish water desalination plants up to 120,000 m3/day.

Waste water Treatment & Reuse plant up to 300 000 capita

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Plant Design

Epur’H2o will provide full range design of water/ wastewater treatment technologies for Municipal, industrial, or any other application complying with international standard codes or those provide by the client.

Delivery & Commissioning

Door to door delivery. Freight Packing as per the international standard shipping sizes is our procurement concern. Our commissioning team inspects the plant before the operation starts: testing water quality, power connection, correct installation and calibration of operation to ensure that the quality of products guarantee customer satisfaction

Assembling & Integration

Assembling and Intergation of the designed project as per shop drawings and selected standard code procedures are our concern to ensure high quality products. Our assembling personnel are all qualified in their fields and carry the appropriate certifications

Our Latest News

Pressure exchange technology makes seawater desalination affordable.


Water is Life